Meyerland still recovering, prepares for more rain

- Meyerland is notorious for flooding during severe storms.  In fact, some residents have not recovered from last year’s Memorial Day flooding.

“We got about 18 inches of water inside of our house and we were displaced for about three months,” said Bill Moran, a Meyerland resident. 

Moran and his wife are living on the second floor of their home in Meyerland, after their first floor was destroyed last Memorial Day.

“We moved back into our apartment after we realized it was going to take a long time to settle with FEMA for a number that we could actually repair the house for,” he said.

$3700 a year is what they now pay for flood insurance. FEMA did not settle with them until Thanksgiving last year, so the couple’s home is still under construction. They were forced to pay for temporary living and boarding for their dog, totaling thousands of dollars out of their own pocket. And other residents like Azra Keskin are in the same position.

“We just fixed everything, the flooring, and everything, and we’re still suffering,” said Keskin. “And the ceiling is still dripping, so we’re really scared that anything is going to happen.”

Keskin and her family said their roof is still leaking, and they too were forced to pay out of their pocket for a majority of reconstruction.

“It was very expensive,” said Keskin. “We thought that insurance was going to cover it, but there were little parts in the insurance terms and conditions that they couldn’t cover, so half of the stuff couldn’t be covered.”

The chief engineer and flood watch leader for Houston’s Flood Control District, Steve Fitzgerald, said they are working hard to improve the sewage conditions across Houston.

“We’ve made some progress on our rehabilitation projects; we’ve got those going on all the time,” said Fitzgerald.

Until then, Fitzgerald said the safest place for folks to be during major storms is inside the house.

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