Mayor Turner asks President Trump to reconsider immigration freeze

- Mayor Turner says the president needs to rethink his executive order banning people from predominately Muslim countries from entering the United States.

In addition to saying the president needs to rethink his executive order, he praised protestors for peacefully demonstrating at Bush Intercontintenal Airport Sunday night.

"I too believe that the White House needs to re-think its executive order and I've urged them to do that," said Mayor Turner.

Days before Super Bowl LI, Mayor Sylvester Turner took a bold stance on President Trump's executive order, banning people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States. Mayor Turner says President Trump should have presented the order to Congress and that discriminating against people does not make the country safer.

"When you have people who feel as though you are targeting them just because of the way they look or the religion they practice it doesn't make people feel real good," said Mayor Turner.

Turner added that the executive order is "creating a great deal of nervousness and anxiety and that doesn't breed a peaceful civil society."

On Sunday, protests erupted at Bush Intercontinental Airport. Over 1,500 people gathered in the lobby.

Mayor Turner praised the peaceful protests, stating as he's done before, that Houston is and will continue to be a "Welcoming City."

In addition to urging the president to re-think his executive order, the mayor also stated he will not allow Houston police to operate under 287g, which gives them the right to perform immigration checks.

Chief Art Acevedo spoke directly to the city's Muslim community.

"To the Muslim community, this mayor, this council, this city, this police department,  this police chief, stands with all members of the Muslim community," Chief Acevedo said.

But not everyone agrees.

"They're all over,  they're at our gas stations, parking at the VA, and all that, yeah their Muslim, and some of them don't have the bed intentions," said George Baez.

George Baez says the president's executive order is a step in the right direction. "If you go back and forth, you need to be checked."

George Watson agrees, "we need to be protected, we don't need all these terrorists coming in here."

Rodney says President Trump's travel ban stereotypes.

"I know people that are Muslims religions and I know them personally, so that doesn't mean they're bad people because of the religion they choose."

President Trump's executive order will expire in 90 days.

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