March held Saturday for those that support DACA

"I don't know any other country but this one and it's not fair to just decide to kick us out", says Tania Campos.
Campos came over to the United States from Mexico with her family when she was just a year old. She was one of many who participated in a march to support DACA and giving citizenship to those protected by it. The group walked from Irvington Park to Mood Park to help bring awareness to their cause.
"I am a human being, I deserve to be in this country just as much as anybody else does and it's not fair that just because I had to come here in certain circumstances that obviously were not legal, some people just don't have those resources to come here legally and it's not fair to treat us like we are not human beings", says Campos.

"You have 800,000 young people THAT are currently under the protection of DACA, they are working hard, they are going to school, they show incredible progress and they didn't do anything wrong", says Dr. David Michael Smith with the Houston Socialist Movement. Smith says it's not just a Houston issue, but something the whole United States should be paying attention to.

"Trump and the democratic congressional leaders have reached some sort of a understanding about a possible deal, the democrats are not going to support funding for a wall, but they have suggested to support other types of border security so the devil is in the details and we will have to see", says Smith.

Khris Schneider says that several of his friends protected by DACA where also impacted by Harvey. "This is like a big logistical mess for them, to know that okay at some point down the road they might be deported and even if they find another temporary solution I mean what's going to stop it from that temporary solution falling through over time", says Schneider.

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