Many Houstonians still unable to return home

- Looking through piled up memories in the home he's owned for 11 years, Adrian Rodriguez prays he will be able to start living there again soon.  "You look at everything you have worked for your entire life just floating there", he says.

For now his wife and three kids are staying with his in-laws. "We have three families there and in total there are 12 of us, in a two bedroom house with one bathroom. Everyone of those kids has to go to school in the morning and we have to get ready and you know we are all fighting for that bathroom", says Rodriguez.

The reason he says he can't move back in is because he says he is waiting for FEMA crews to come in, assess the damage and provide financial assistance.

"We've completed almost 200,000 thousand inspections so far, which is an awesome number, a month in that's a good amount but as we continue through we still have 600,000 thousand that we need to do. So please be patient, right now the wait times for inspectors is about 30 days, we know that's a long time and we are trying to figure out ways we can shorten that up but still provide the customer service and inspection people need", says FEMA spokesperson Peter Herrick.

For the mean time Rodriguez will continue to wait as patiently as possible.

He says, "I would just love to have FEMA come out here and actually give me some sort of estimate, let me know what I have to do so I can get started because right now we are at a standstill and we have been that way for almost a month".

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