Man says he sneaked into Super Bowl LI

- You can hear the excitement in his voice on the video he posted on Snapchat.

“It was insane. It was like a dream being in the stadium like that. I seriously couldn't even grasp it in the moment.  I was sitting there trying to comprehend how I  got in,”  he said during an interview.

He got into one of the most secure locations in the country. He's asked us not to show his identity.  He says he actually went down to  the stadium on just a whim.

“I had no intent. I was just exploring. I wanted to check it out,” he said.

He says he got a Reliant shirt out of the trash, then climbed a tree and dropped down over one fence cutting his hand in the process. Then he says he slipped under another fence and approached the first security checkpoint

“The lady asked me "Where's your ticket? Where's your credential?  I was ‘Oh no, I need to go in and wash my hand because I'd cut open my hand on one of the poles. She said ‘go right in.’”

A security company called "SAFE" handles security for the NFL and was in charge at NRG during the game. When we contacted them they refused to comment or provide us with a spokesperson.  We did speak to someone from the Super Bowl host committee who downplayed the incident.

“Even though they got through security doesn't mean he could've done anything given the amount of security we had inside the stadium, “ said Ric Campos

But he says once inside he was able to get through some check points and not others. Eventually he made in to some end zone seats and later onto the field. He even posed for a picture with security.

But did it all happen the ways he says it did? After all, he has no witnesses to back him up and he has no video of him breaking in--just his word.

“This is a legitimate get into the Super Bowl. Breach the fence, sneak in and get onto the field and everything.”

We have reached out to the NFL for a comment.

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