Man performing lewd public acts caught on camera victimizing women

- Some ladies in northwest Houston are living in fear because they say a predator is on the loose and they have pictures to prove it. This perverted criminal is performing lewd acts in public.

One woman took pictures of the man while he was sitting in his car naked, pleasing himself in a store parking lot.

"A lot of young ladies are seeing him in the Highway 249 Walmart parking lot,” says one woman who wants to conceal her identity.

In fact, the pictures of the man without any clothes were posted on one woman’s Facebook page. She says the naked man parked next to her in the Walmart parking lot on Highway 249 and was touching himself. According to the woman’s post, “he kept trying to get me in his car so I called the police.”  His car is a silver Buick LaCrosse with no license plates.

"A lot of young women are seeing him around the northwest Houston area,” says one woman who also encountered the man when he parked behind her car in a neighborhood in northwest Houston.  "When I got out of my car. He got out of his car. I heard grunting and cursing of pleasure. As soon as I turned around, I seen his hand gesture and everything was, he was exposed."

That was last month. On Sunday, the woman actually saw the man again in the Foodtown parking lot on Pinemont at Antoine. She took pictures of his car. In the photos his license plate is covered and only the first digit is revealed.

"I was like oh my God. Oh my God that’s him and he was circling around," she says. 

She made another police report and so did her father.  

“My dad went looking for him. My dad found him. He was like 'he’s still here.'” But officers arrived after the man left.  

Since making the Facebook post, she’s hearing from a number of women who have been victimized in the same area.

“The Highway 290 plaza where Panera Bread is located. (One lady) was eating outside and she couldn’t even enjoy her meal because that guy in the silver Buick was circling around her and she saw what he was doing. It’s super super frightening," she says.

She hopes investigators arrest this predator before his crimes get any worse. "I feel that he will snatch a lady," she says.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office confirms several complaints have been made. They have pulled surveillance video from the stores where the man was spotted and detectives are investigating.

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