Man facing child abuse charges after forcing 5-year-old to eat her own vomit

- The little 5-year-old ate too much at dinner. So much in fact, that she vomited on the dinner table. What happened next has a man facing child abuse charges.

Local news reports Todd Brisebois, 28, became angry at the dinner table and made the girl eat her own vomit. He threatened to hit her with a rubber hose if she didn't comply. 

According to a police report, Brisebois, the boyfriend of the little girl's mother, had allegedly abused the child in the past. The report said that Brisebois would wake up the girl in the middle of the night and force her to do pushups until she was exhausted. He would then hit her with the rubber hose, leaving marks all over her body.

The little girl would live part time with her mother and Brisebois, and other time with her father. Her father noticed the marks on her body, and reported it to police.

According to police reports from her father, the little girl would share with him the abuse at the hands of Brisebois. Along with the vomit, and rubber hose incidents, the girl was also forced to sit on the top shelf of her closet until she became too scared to stand it any longer.

The girl's father tried reporting the incident to the Florida Department of Children and Families, but got no response. He also tried filing a restraining order against Brisebois and the mother due to the repeated abuse, but a judge denied both.

In an effort to get proof, the father began videotaping the girl's responses when asked about the abuse. He then turned that information over to Orlando police.

Brisebois was not compliant with detectives during the investigation, and the girl's mother said that it was an attempt by the girl's father to get full custody of their child.

Brisebois was arrested on a warrant, and later released with orders to not have further contact with the child.

Police say that the girl is in her father's care pending the continued investigation.



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