Man charged with attempted kidnapping of 17-year-old Pasadena girl

- She doesn't always walk home from Pasadena High School, but Tuesday this senior we're not identifying because of her age did.

"Growing up everybody  tells you not to talk to strangers, don't get in a car if someone approaches you offering a ride. I never guess it would happen to me."

But it did happen to her. A man in this white SUV pulls up to her and offered her $100 to get in the car. She refused. He told her it was ok, he had condoms. Then he got more persistent.

"He said if you don't get in I'm going to make you get in. I was freezing up. I didn't know what was happening."

But she didn't freeze, she ran right into the Pasadena Heritage Museum where she was able to call 9-1-1. She remembered the details of the man and the vehicle. She remembered enough information that police were able to arrest 32-year-old Salvador Avalos of Baytown two hours later as he cruised the neighborhood. He had duct tape, rope, and condoms in the car. She has video of the arrest.

He is in jail charged with attempted kidnapping. Case closed? Maybe not says Lt. James Holt.

"Just the nature of how bold he was about it and the fact that this is a serious case, a serious crime so if there's a chance there could be somebody else out there we want to know  about him," Hold said.

Some are calling her a hero for keeping her wits and catching details of Avalos and his car so police could catch him.

"By her actions she only saved herself but she saved the next kid," Lucy Turoff with the museum.

"I didn't stop him. I didn't arrest him I just did what anybody would do,"  said the student.

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