Man accused in Josue Flores murder released, but remains prime suspect

- Police say they're sure Andre Jackson is the killer. But there's a difference between knowing and proving something and they can't prove it. The problem as HPD Chief Art Acevedo sees it is people need to know there's a difference between real life detective work.

"In those CSI shows every week in a one hour space there's a crime committed, usually a violent one. The crime is investigated, the suspect is identified, the suspect is arrested , charged and there's DNA evidence,” Chief Acevedo said.

But in this real case there was no DNA evidence, so Jackson is free. Police won't say how they are keeping tabs on him but they aren't giving up on him as their prime suspect.

While there are plenty of murders here each year, this was a big one. An 11-year-old boy walking home from school gets stabbed 20 times by a stranger.  The community organized and demanded action and got it. Police arrested and then cleared a man named Che Calhoun. Then they found a knife near the crime scene. That lead them to arrest Jackson. The community breathed a sigh of relief but then had the wind knocked out of it when the district attorney's office announced they didn't have enough evidence to successfully prosecute.

"We're doing, what we're doing. Where's all the help we need now?"  asked Stella Walters at a meeting of community activists.

Chief Acevedo says the people in Near Northside and Josue Flores's family need to know something.

"He was charged for a reason and we want them to know we will continue to pursue this case," Chief Acevedo said.

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