Sentencing in Lone Star College stabbing case

- UPDATE: 12/3/2015 Judge sentenced to 48 years for attempted capital murder.


The fate of the man who stabbed more than a dozen students at Lone Star College CyFair is now in the hands of the judge.  There was really emotional testimony as the court decides how Dylan Quick should be punished.  Quick, charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, already entered a guilty plea admitting he went on a stabbing spree at Lone Star College cutting and attacking more than a dozen students.

“I was going to school it was a normal day” cries Helen Mata “and then nobody was there to protect me” sobs Karissa Lynn Harris.  Sobbing on the stand students explained how April 9, 2013 erupted into all out chaos on campus at Lone Star.  "I was just trying to go to school and do right by my kids and it just happened out of nowhere,” cries Harris. 

Prosecutors showed surveillance video of Dylan Quick attacking one girl.  For twenty minutes Quick continued his random assaults stabbing fellow students, most of them in the throat.

"I was cut in my neck where there are so many important veins and arteries.  I thought I was going to bleed out,” explains Mata. 

"I didn’t realize what happened to me.  I looked down and I saw it was blood,” adds Harris.  “Her cheek was sliced open and hanging and bloody and she was standing looking at me and discombobulated in complete terror,” Patrick Harrison explains regarding Harris "and I remember throwing up my shoulder because he would have gotten my neck if not,” explains Harris who was severely sliced on the shoulder and face.   

"I didn’t realize until the whole thing was over I had actually been stabbed.  He stabbed me in the back of my skull,” says Harrison.  "Initially when I saw the guy I thought he had been shot because he was covered in blood,” adds Mata. 

"It was like he skipped,” Harris describes the way Quick was moving through the hall. "He had a smile on his face like he was enjoying it the whole time".  

Quick attacked using an exacto knife.  "He just kept on going down the hallway attacking different people,” Harris explains.  "Somebody came on the speaker system.  They locked the school down, the cops were coming,” adds Mata.  

Quick sobbed as Harris cried on the stand and she explained how her being stabbed was difficult on her and her two daughters.  “I lost my apartment.  I lost my job.  I suffer anxiety”.

 The judge also heard about how Quick  is deaf, was home schooled, heard voices that drove him to attack, fought childhood depression and suffered strange thoughts as a kid.  According to a search warrant some of those fantasies include wanting to cut off other’s faces and wear them as masks.  Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Matthew Faubion says Quick is mentally ill suffering Obsessive Compulsive and Anxiety Disorders.

 A Pastor, Jail Pshychologist a Lone Star Librarian and even a Harris County Jailer took the stand saying Quick is intelligent but needs help, not prison.  However, prosecutors say going home on probation is ridiculous.  “The fact that somebody has the capability to do that to a stranger, that’s what scares me the most.  I don’t think probation is enough,” explains Mata.  “Him going home is troubling for me.  He was home when he ran away twice (as a child).  He was home when he did this,” says Dr. Faubio.  

Quick’s parents were two of the last witnesses to take the stand.  Tiffany Quick cried “He was always very sweet”.  Tim Quick says of his son “Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought he would do something like that".

Defense attorneys are asking for probation.  Prosecutors are asking for up to forty years in prison.  The judge says she will announce Quick’s sentence tomorrow at 10:30 a.m.

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