Local representatives talk on Affordable Care Act

In a rally held Sunday, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee began a discussion about what might possibly happen to the affordable care act, once President Elect Donald Trump takes office.

"They have a repeal but they have no replace, all they have is delay and destruction", says Representative Sheila Jackson Lee.

Right before the holiday she quoted Martin Luther King Jr. She quoted, "  'there must come a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular but he or she must take it because conscious must tell him or her it is right' what I say to republicans, take a position to save the affordable care act that is neither politic or safe".

A health care fair was also held at which several other state representatives attended. Many voicing their stance on how the affordable care act helps Texans.

"It will impact persons who are low income persons because many of them are currently getting their health care through the market place, but they will have to go through the emergency rooms to get their health care, that's not a great place to get your primary health care", says representative Al Green.

Representative Gene Green says, "we have battles in Washington and in Austin both on health care and this is to show the affordable care act covers at least 20,000 of my constituents".

However not everyone is on the same page. Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party Paul Simpson says what soon to be President Trump plans to do is simple, work with Congress to change the law that he says, causes a lot of problems."It's really the unaffordable care act, now I'm sure Congresswoman Lee I'm sure is running for re-election already so she's trying to generate support on that but it's really kind of silly because this law has been a disaster, it was a bill of goods, sold to the American people and in many ways it was a 1930's solution to a 21st century problem", says Simpson.

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