Pasadena home invader shot several times

- Some Pasadena residents are a bit shaken up after fending off a man trying to break into their house Tuesday morning. The suspect is now in the hospital after being shot several times.

"We hear three gunshots go off behind the house," neighbor Annie Harris told Fox26.

 It was 6:30am when most people were getting ready for work. But Harris was calling 911 and her back yard neighbors were fighting off an intruder.

"He was breaking windows. They heard the noise, got the weapon, and confronted him as he was trying to go in through the window. That's when they shot him," said Vance Mitchell, Public Information Officer for the Pasadena police department.

Mitchell says the man was actually shot 4 times, and was flown by Life Flight helicopter to Memorial Herman Hospital.

He's identified as 43 year old William Hazel, who lives in a trailer barely a mile from where he was shot.

"My landlord is his aunt," says the woman who lives in house at Hazel's address.

She did not want to be identified, but says she was offered discounted rent to let Hazel park his trailer in the driveway. She was okay with that up until what happened Tuesday morning. She knows now Hazel has a long record in Harris County that includes driving with a suspended license, assault of a family member, and multiple drunk driving charges.

"Is it worrisome?" we ask her.

"Yes it is," she tells us. "I live here with my two kids so its very worrisome."

Meanwhile, neighbors of the victims say this is a surprising and horrible thing to have happened to good people.

"I'm shocked. Very shocked," says long time resident Alton Collier. "This is a great neighborhood."

"He definitely picked the wrong house," Harris tells us, glad that the family had the means to defend itself. "You just don't break in and expect to walk away scott free. Not nowadays. People are going to protect themselves no matter what."

The family told Fox26 they wanted to talk to the media but were advised by their lawyer not to. There's still an ongoing investigation, and then there will be grand jury proceedings to go through. The victims of the attempted break-in are safe, but their ordeal is not over.

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