Neighbors secure order against outdoor music at White Oak Music Hall

- Austin transplant Annabell Hall had no idea she had moved just blocks from a music venue, until she heard music.

“It's pretty clear. I can hear sound checks as they're playing,” Hall said.  “It's nice when we don't get to get out to the actual show. We can sit out on our porch and enjoy the music.”

She says she and her husband often walk across the bridge over I-45 to attend shows.

But not everyone is so pleased about the new neighbor. Some have even taken to posting noise complaint videos on Youtube.

Some of those angry neighbors have lawyered up and sued, saying it's bad for the adults and it's worse for the children. 

“These kids can't sleep,” said Attorney Cris Feldman. “These kids have to experience blaring music right before the STAAR test. In fact, they had a show Thursday night before finals.” 

Last week, a judge issued a temporary restraining order about holding any amplified music performances outside. The only catch was they needed $7,500 to secure it. Over the weekend, neighborhood families held a bake/garage sale and raised the money. They delivered it into the hands of the clerk and the order will stand through the holidays.

“Now it's squarely on the mayor to step up and show leadership on this,” Feldman said. “We have given him the benefit of the doubt but now he knows that these families can't take it anymore.”

A spokesperson for the mayor says he’s not commenting because he’s not named in the lawsuit.  

Council Member Karla Cisneros issued a statement that reads in part:

 I have consistently advocated for both a responsible and respectful relationship between the parties to work through the challenges of a project that was already underway before my arrival.

As a city without zoning, conflicts between businesses and residents sometimes occur, and that is the reality of what is playing out now.

She adds that this was an issue that began before she was in office. That holds for the mayor too.

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