Husband and wife run for same judge's seat

- A husband and wife are both running for office in Harris County. What's unusual is that they are running for the same seat, on opposite sides of the ballot.

"We're not running agianst one another," says Richard Leach, a Democratic candidate for Harris County Civil Court at Law, Position 1. "We are both running for the court."

Leach and Gloria Cantu Minnick are married, and they are law partners. But Minnick is running for the same post on the Republican side. Why are they opposing eachother now? They say voters going to the polls need to know there will be a good candidate on the ballot.

"Since neither the appointed placeholder nor the selected democrat are experienced trial lawyers," Leach explains, "Gloria and I decided we'd step up in opposite parties, in hopes that one of us gets elected for the benefit of the court."

The current Position 1 Civil Court at Law Judge is Clyde Leuchtag, appointed to the position in the summer.

"There's a lot of stuff that I've done that I think makes me an effective judge," Leuchtag ells Fox26 by phone. "I think I've already proven since last summer that I'm a good judge."

Leuchtag says the Leach and Minnick matchup makes the race automatically more interesting, and voters will get more informed.

Fox26 Legal analyst Chris tritico agrees it will get people's attention.

"Automatically, you say 'There's got to be something going on here,'" Tritico says, "But if you look at the law, there's nothing illegal about it. It's just their attempt to get the person they think is best qualified on that seat."

What about the Democrat or Republican party alignment? That's just the way it works in Texas, but these two say politics plays no part in this.

"If people expect me, or my esteemed colleague, to be making law on the bench then they are very much mistaken," Minnick says. "We are first and foremost committed to following the law and the constitution. That's what a judge is supposed to do."

Voters will only see one of their names on the ballot when they go to the primary election, but what if each win their primary, you will see them running against eachother in the general election...

"Thing to watch here is if this thing goes negative it's going to be alot of fun," Tritico says jokingly, thinking about traditional husband and wife battles.

Minnick and Leach say there will be no mudslinging, but the fun is already started.

"Vote for me," Minnick says at the end of the interview.

And then, with his hand in the air, her husband says, "Vote for me."

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