Houston rappers make cash drop at local Whataburger

Not every day do you visit a restaurant and leave with more money than you had going in, but that's exactly what happened at a local fast food joint. Now the event has the social media world going crazy.
Local Houston rappers, Denzo and Trillzaee, rolled up to a Whataburger in Missouri City late on Saturday night and recorded as Trillzaee jumped on a bench in the restaurant and threw money at the guests enjoying their late night dinner.
"We giving money to the people," says Trillzaee who threw the cash out to Whataburger patrons.
Denzo then posted the video to Twitter where he hit his own sort of jackpot with requests to visit other Whataburgers.
"When we first, first did it, I didn't think we were going to do more locations until the reaction. We posted it and everybody started sending their location so we like, yeah let's do it," says Denzo.
Both Trillzaee and Denzo are listening to their Twitter fans, and plan to drop a second bankroll at a different Whataburger. Just as the two are becoming the new hot thing on the fast food chain's menu, they may change it up and show their generosity some other way.
"It depends because we are kind of messing up a business. I want to do it differently. I don't want to mess up people's business and get people rowdy inside," says Denzo.
"We're taking requests right now. If you want us to come to your Whataburger, [Direct Message] us. We coming," says Trillzaee.
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