Houston protestors rally against proposed Trumpcare bill

- A number of Houstonians are gathering, protesting the proposed healthcare bill.  

City Hall is just one stop on what the protesters are calling the “death train” rally. The convoy is coming together making stops across Houston in an effort to kill the proposed healthcare bill.

They hope their voices are heard and those protesting want lawmakers who can eliminate the proposed Trumpcare bill to listen.  

“We want those politicians to put the senate healthcare bill in the trash can where it belongs.  It raises premiums on lower and middle Americans and gives them less coverage.  It does not cover people with pre-existing conditions,” says Daniel Cohen.
"I think it’s a bad bill.  It’s just going to take away insurance from too many people and it will cause us to go backwards in this country,” adds Sarah Terrell.   

The protesters made a presentation to Houston City Council saying all residents should have affordable healthcare. They also assembled in front of Sen. Ted Cruz’s office in Downtown Houston.  
"What if he didn’t have healthcare insurance? What would he do? He needs to put himself in other people’s shoes.  I think they need to fix the healthcare plan we currently have.  If there needs to be modifications do it but just doing away with it, it doesn’t make any sense,” says protester Roger Boykins. 

The group will continue to rally, riding the rail from 6:00 p.m. to dusk, stopping periodically to protest along the light rail line.
Senate Republicans may have put a vote on the healthcare bill on hold but when it comes up for consideration again this group says once more they will come together to fight for what they call suitable healthcare for everyone.  
Senator Cruz, by the way, has said he isn’t in support of the current version of the healthcare bill.
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