Houston police to be protected by new heavy-duty vests

- The carnage we've seen on the streets of America and more closer to home involving law enforcement officers set off an alert with cops in Houston.

In response, the Houston Police Foundation has purchased 25-pound level-4 heavy vests for HPD officers. 

There are 400, and another 200 on the way.  The vests will go on top of the department's standard issued vests. They're designed to withstand the force of an AR15 or AK47.

So far this year, 133 officers have been killed in the line of duty - 60 of those officers by gunfire, 19 in the state of Texas alone, including those officers who lost their lives in Dallas. 

That was enough to motivate the Houston Police Foundation to raise over $100,000 to buy the new vests at $289 each. 

But what will the community think seeing officers looking more like soldiers than peacekeepers?

Joe Gamadli with the police union says times have change and people in the community will adjust.

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