Houston Airport System invited city council to 'confidential' meeting

- Texas law is clear—members of the Houston City Council, or any city council in Texas, cannot meet behind closed doors to discuss public issues like business deals.

FOX 26 News has obtained an email that went out inviting all members of Houston's City Council to a quote 'confidential and private' for 'Council Members Only' reception called by the Houston Airport System.

We've learned that email was inviting members of the council to meet with a company considering doing business at Ellington Field. 

The document we've obtain reads the reception 'will address the Project Eagle proposal in relation to an upcoming development at Ellington Field.' 

FOX 26 legal analyst Chris Tritico says the airport has clearly gone too far by calling the reception/meeting.

"The line is simple if you're a city council member you can not go any place, be it a restaurant or reception, and have a quorum of that council and conduct business," Tritico said.

Tritico says a meeting must be posted so that the public can attend if there is a quorum or majority, which would be enough council members to vote on an issue.

Former Houston City Council member and current HISD board member Jolanda Jones says the Houston Airport System should know better.

"I guess I would wonder how many people responded to the email like did a quorum respond. I'd be surprise city legal knew this was happening before," says Jones.

A reliable source says the airport realized the invite to the private and confidential event was a mistake after the fact. 

We're told the email was initially suppose to go to a limited number of council members but was inadvertently sent out to all.

We were also told only about 5 to 6 council members showed up at the event—not a quorum. We're expecting the Houston Airport System to issue a statement on the matter Wednesday.

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