Family loses father, community fears neighborhood unsafe

- A Southwest Houston neighborhood is reeling Monday night, after a young father of three was shot and killed in front of his wife and kids feet away from their apartment.

Neighbors in the Santa Monica Apartment Complex on the 7000 block of Ashcroft Lane say they just don’t feel safe.

One neighbor heard the gunshots Sunday night and heard the victim’s wife crying for her deceased husband to hold on.

Fatimah says she had just laid down for a nap Sunday night when she heard gunshots.

When she ran to her window, she says she saw her neighbor Manuel Rodriguez on the ground. He and his wife had just returned from the grocery store with their three kids when he was shot.

A single bullet wound to the chest killed Rodriguez. Before he died, he fired several shots at the suspect, who was attempting to rob him. The suspect also died from his wounds.

"I heard the shots and then I heard a car speed off," said Debbie Sanchez. Sanchez lives doors away from the family. She says she's fearful for her own family’s safety.

"It's just scary, it seems like you just can't go out," said Sanchez.

Other neighbors expressed that people walk into the apartment complex all the time and that they do not feel secure.

"That's sad that you have to watch your back and stuff like that and it's uncalled for, it's really uncalled for," said one neighbor.

Police are advising those in this community to report crimes, no matter how minor they seem. They say this helps them determine where they need to increase security.

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