CPS accuses couple who came from Thailand of medical neglect

- “I thought if we brought her to the U.S. there would be better medical treatment,” said Yubo Yu.

Yu and her husband Keith Jett say they spent their live savings to bring their 16-month-old daughter Abigail to the Houston Medical Center.

The couple are teachers who live in Thailand.

“Mom teaches Mandarin and dad teaches English,” said the couple’s attorney Julie Ketterman.

Now these parents are facing some serious allegations being lodged against them by Child Protective Services.

“Saying she didn’t seek medical care fast enough for them,” Ketterman said.

The couple says they were here for about a month before taking their baby Abigail to Texas Children’s Hospital. They say they spent that time seeking a temporary apartment and getting emotional support from Lakewood Church.

“She’s not critically ill,” Ketterman said. “Not in such a fashion that they needed to rush her into an emergency room.”

In fact the couple showed us pictures of Abigail before she went into the hospital.

They say she’s gotten worse, and to hear CPS tell it, it’s the couples fault.

“They took our little girl,” Jett said.

And the agency wouldn’t even allow the parents any kind of access or information about their baby. Wednesday marked 14 days since the couple last saw their infant daughter.

“We didn’t even know until today that she was even alive,” said Jett.

Under oath a CPS investigator admitted the mother did not refuse medical care for her daughter but had a lot of questions about possible side effects.

In court documents the case worker says she suspects mom is a victim of human trafficking but offers no reason why she would even suspect that.

The couple vehemently denies that claim and say they can’t believe what CPS is doing to them.

“I’m just shocked and terrified,” the baby’s mother said through tears.

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