City councilman calls stray dogs a dangerous epidemic

- "These dogs are uncontrollable," said city councilman Dwight Boykins.

Stray dogs running wild in southeast Houston are posing a public safety threat Boykins said.

A jogger was attacked by 4 Pitt bulls the city councilman says and other dog bite victims include an elderly woman working in her garden and a postal carrier.

"My understanding from the post office is she was attacked by Pitt Bulls," said Boykins.

It's gotten so bad Boykins said that some postal carriers are refusing to deliver mail to some neighborhoods.

"I saw it for myself," Boykins said. "Trays of mail."

Boykins plans to use 50 grand of his city hall budget to pay overtime to BARC animal control officers.

"We've used them for speed humps we've used them for weeded lots and this is one of the most important issues for me," said Boykins.

"It's going to be a death sentence for these dogs we know that," said Bett Sundermeyer with Nokill Houston.

Sundermeyer says Boykins plan to sweep the area of strY dogs has been done in the past and it's nothing more than a quick fix.

"We need to get out of this catch and kill mentality because it's not working to solve the problem," Sundermeyer said. "There are better non lethal solutions that could be employed."

Sundermeyer says Boykins should spend the 50 grand on spay and neutering instead of catch and kill.

Boykins says he's all for spay and neutering but that takes time he says and he needs to stop this epidemic as soon as possible.

"We're talking about human beings  that are being bitten and almost killed by stray animals so we have to do something today," Boykins said.

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