Charges against teen in viral video dropped

- Charges have been dropped against Marlin Gipson.

The Harris County District Clerk's Office reports his case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

Gipson was charged with evading arrest and failure to identify.

This is Gipson's perspective: He says the deputy stopped him while he was handing out business cards door to door because he is black, end of story.

He says the constable has been lying ever since the video he shot went viral.

"He's trying to accuse me  of being a criminal but according to their actions, their actions, they were criminals. They showed they were criminals," said Gipson.

He claims deputies had no right to follow him after he refused to produce identification. He claims they forced their way into the house and set a K9 on him and tased him.

Black Lives Matter activist Ashton Woods defends Gibson's refusal to show ID and lie about his age.

"There was no probable cause for his arrest in the first place. I would've walked away too and barricaded myself in a room because I don't want to be touched by a police officer," Woods said.

Pct 1 isn't commenting anymore because of the internal affairs investigation, but earlier this week the constable said the deputy acted correctly.

"We don't know if he was knocking on doors only to go around, then when someone didn't answer to break into the back of the house. We have no way of knowing," said Constable Alan Rosen.

So who is right?

Legal experts tell FOX 26 that in this instance the deputy could claim something called reasonable articulated suspicion that would've justified his asking for ID.

Gibson giving false identification would strengthen that suspicion.

His leaving the scene would give grounds for arrest.

But that's only part of the issue for Woods.

He says tasing and using a K9 while arresting Gibson was excessive, and he wants the deputies suspended regardless of their race.

"I don't care if some of those constables are black. When they put on their uniforms they are officers of the law and they tow the line. That blue line is very dangerous for people who look like me," said Woods.

Gipson is due in court on August 14 to answer the charge of evading arrest or detention and failing to identify himself as a fugitive.

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