Alfred Angelo suddenly closes, leaving many women without dresses

- On the Alfred Angelo company website it's business as usual.

But signs posted on stores and in the chatter on social media it's anything but.

Jennifer Steagal has four paid-for bridesmaids dresses she's afraid she may never see. And she found out the hard way.

"I discovered a post this morning on a Facebook page group Bride to Bride when another bride let me know that Alfred Angelo was filing bankruptcy and were closing their doors without notifying their customers."

Now she has to ask the bridesmaids to buy new ones, and the wedding is in October.

These wedding woes are playing out all across the country.

Here in Houston, employees notified some customers that their dresses were in and they unlocked the doors as women rushed to claim them.

According to social media chatter, the company has filed for bankruptcy. We called the bankruptcy attorney in Florida the company is telling customers to contact and we're waiting for response.

In the meantime, legal experts tell FOX 26 they can file no bankruptcy filing for the company anywhere and it's not clear if and when the company will be able to make things right. Regardless, for some, the damage is done.
"It's kind of hard to find the perfect dress when you already have found the perfect dress and you've already paid for it so I'll have to go from there," said Ryan Cassidy. Not only that she’s out $1,200.

Then there’s the matter of the employees. According to some social media posts they’re former employees as of 6:00 pm Friday. 

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