Abuse allegations against teacher at Goddard School in Tomball

- It seemed like business as usual last Tuesday when Camille Brost was dropping off her son Benjamin at the Goddard School in Tomball.

She says she heard screaming, then saw something shocking.

“There was a teacher in there pushing a little girl as hard as you would push an adult. This was a 6'2"  woman who weighs 220 pounds. Then she went to the back and wrenched two boys out of line clear in the air above her shoulder and their necks and arms were flailing,”  Brost says.

She says she immediately notified other staff and administrators. The school's owner says she immediately contacted Child Protective Services. CPS says they began an investigation and then switched investigators, causing a delay.  The new ones began looking into it today.

The owner issued a statement saying they would not comment until the investigation is complete. An undated  letter to faculty reads in part, "We are alerting all families about this situation. We want to remind all parents that safety is out top priority, and keeping them informed about situations like this is part of our commitment to their families."

But some parents tell us even though the allegations surfaced last week, they only found out about them today.  Brost says she wishes she'd reacted more aggressively at the time.

"I'm very sorry that I didn't call the police the day when I saw it,'" Brost said. "I assumed it would be handled properly. I apologize to you as a mother. I'm so sorry. That's all I have to say."

Some parents say they were upset that the teacher in question was still dealing with children this morning. She has since been suspended. CPS says they recommend teachers be removed pending the outcome of an investigation, but it’s not required.

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