Law enforcement officials discuss outstanding student loan arrests

- A follow up to a story you saw first on Fox 26 News...A Stafford, Texas man says he was arrested by seven U.S. Deputy Marshals last week because of his outstanding federal student loan.

Now, the chief deputy at the U.S. Marshal's service wants to tell what he calls the facts of the case.

Deputy Chief Rich Hunter tells Fox 26 News, Paul Acker escalated the situation by ignoring numerous attempts for him to come in and clean up his past debt.

Hunter says two deputies were initially sent to Acker's home to notify him of the aging student loan but there was also an option on the table to arrest him on the scene.

Hunter says the arrest option was available to make sure Acker appeared in federal court on the collection issue.

The marshal says when deputies arrived at Acker's home Thursday morning, he initially refused to come out.

Hunter says when reinforcements arrived on the scene they informed the federal judge.

We're told that judge handling the case told deputies to bring that man in.

The marshal's service says it was during that second encounter, that Acker also yelled from inside his home, he had a gun.

Meanwhile, Acker maintains he received only one notice in the form of a post card on his door, two years ago about the past debt.

He also says he told deputies outside his home he had a gun because he says the agents failed to identify themselves.

Acker now says he wants an apology from the federal agency.

Hunter insistes the whole situation could have been avoided if Acker would have paid his $1500 outstanding student loan from 1987 and cooperated with the first two marshals on the scene.

Meanwhile the federal agency also confirms they arrested 7 people in Houston last year out of 26 cases related to old student loan debt.

Hunter says this year their job will be to notify another 1500 people who owe on their federal loans.

Hunter says the best option is not to ignore your warning and get some type of payment plan if you can't afford the bill.

He says if a judge orders it, you will be arrested for ignoring your federally backed student loan.

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