Kids play ball at Arian Foster's youth football camp

Some Houston kids are learning to play ball from the best this weekend.  They are putting in time with a pro throwing, catching and kids competing on the football field but this isn't little league.  This is Houston Texans star running back Arian Foster's youth football camp.
It's cool because you get to meet him and he'll guard you when you have to catch a pass,” smiles 11 year old Ellirich.
"Are you teaching these boys a thing or two?” I ask 12-year-old Danielle.  “Yeah,” she laughs.  The only girl on the gridiron here, Danielle says she already has plenty of practice with the pigskin because she has our brothers.
"One is a baby but he still beats me up," she says. "Ive always been interested in sports. Never been a girly girl.”
What is the Texans star teaching the kids here?  ”A lot of technical things, being a quarterback, like when you're in a pocket you have to take two steps back to throw.  You just can't throw the ball,” explains 11 year old Jaden.
The kids are also learning to dream big and as I always say, if you can see it you can be it.  So are they ready for the pros?  "Yes ma’am,” answers 10 year old Ricky.  Certainly a lot of kids had at least one dream come true here at Arian Foster's kid camp.  “Arian Foster shook my hand” smiled one pint sized player.
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