Katy High School looks to win 8th state championship

- The Katy High School football team goes for its 8th state championship Saturday night. The school and the community made sure the team had a good send off Friday afternoon.

The Tigers have not lost a game this year, and they're not going to let the 6A championship game against the Lake Travis Cavaliers be any different.

"This season doesn't mean anything if we don't close it out," Travis Willock told Fox 26 at the pep rally. Willock is a safety and a Tiger team captain. "All we're focused on is this game.

Players say they have a legacy to continue, and the commitment of this group has made some believe this is the best Tiger squad ever.

"We just hold each other accountable," Willock said. "We do a great job of just being there for each other. We love each other. We've been through so much together."

Individual players have gotten state and national recognition, and they're also making headlines.

Collin Wilder, a defensive back, was just written up in USA Today for not missing one game in his Katy High varsity football career. Saturday's game will be his 64th.

"I would say most importantly the Lord has just been watching over me, because anything can happen on that football field," Wilder said about his ability to take the wear and tear of the game. "Nothing's happened to me that bad to where I have has to miss a game. I'm very thankful for that."

Katy residents came to the pep rally, buying up the latest Tiger t-shirts and fashions. They support the team both on and off the field, and players say it's greatly appreciated.

"We've got a whole town behind us," Tiger outside linebacker Jovanni Stuart said over the cheers and the drumbeat from the band. "We're ready to show them what we can do tomorrow."

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