Jury in Terry Thompson trial watches video of deadly fight, hears 911 call

Maria Helena Hernandez couldn't bear to see it again. She couldn't bear seeing her son's last moments on earth so she sat it the courthouse hallway instead. Her husband said through a translator its agony to watch it.

"Yes it's difficult. We feel helpless that we were not there to help him and there were so many people around and nobody really stepped up to help him," said Ignacio Hernandez.

Help him as Terry Thompson pinned him down and put him in a chokehold. Customer Ryan Steiger shot the video and says he actually considered going to his truck and fetching a handgun, but decided against it because it was too risky. He was afraid of shooting a bystander by accident or getting shot himself if law enforcement arrived and saw the gun.

He says he had no idea Hernandez had started the fight and had no idea the intoxicated Hernandez had previously threatened another customer with a gun. We also heard Steiger's frantic 9-1-1 call that night too. So did the Hernandez family.

"Yes it was difficult for us to hear the sense of urgency in the call. People knew it was going to end badly," said Hernandez.

It did, very badly.  At the end of the fight in that Denny's parking lot, Johnny Hernandez slipped into a coma and died. He died once, his family relives his death over and over again.

"We hope that this trial hurries up because every day we sit here and listen to the facts and it hurts us more. And we wish for it to be over soon," said Hernandez.

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