Judge rules Texas can't keep Medicaid away from Planned Parenthood

- The state’s governor and attorney general began their push to keep Medicaid funding away from Planned Parenthood in 2015.

That’s when a heavily edited video began circulating across the internet.

The 8-hour undercover video released by the anti-abortion group The Center for Medical Progress appears to show Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast employees admitting to selling aborted fetal tissue for medical research.

But in his ruling, U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks said the dialogue between the Planned Parenthood employee and representatives with The Center for Medical Progress is unclear and ambiguous making it open for interpretation.

The judge also pointed out the Texas Health and Human Services Commission provided  no evidence that they had authenticated the video before giving Planned Parenthood the boot.

The judge’s ruling is a big win for pro-choice and a big loss for pro-life.

“Frankly we’re not surprised,” said Melisa Conway with Texas Right to Life. “Historically speaking Judge Sparks has a record of ruling against pro-life legislation.”

“What the video actually shows is behind closed doors at Planned Parenthood women are being taken advantage of and babies are being harvested for their parts this is human trafficking of baby body parts,” Conway said.

Pro-choice advocates see the ruling as a way for lower income women to get needed medical care.

“Planned Parenthood is the source they are able to access necessary critical services so that knowing Medicaid funding has not been cut off is really reassuring to me as an advocate for women,” said Tamara Sell.

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