Judge orders parents who talked critically of CPS to FOX 26 to pay $5000 in sanctions

- Child Protective Services accused the Giwa’s of medical neglect even though doctors could not explain why their toddler age son was not thriving like his twin sister.

“CPS has admitted in open court that they have not one shred of evidence that the child was neglected, the children were abused, the children were abandoned or mistreated,” said community activist Quanell X who attended the court hearing Thursday.

Last June the boy was returned to the Giwa’s but they were ordered to do two things.
One undergo another round of psychological testing even though prior tests showed no issues, and two stop talking to me.

“They brought up you continuously during the hearing and told them they can’t talk to you,” said Quanell X. “But they never said your story was fabricated they never said what you reported was untrue.”

CPS says the Giwa’s defied a court order last month when they attempted to take all three children to Nigeria to see their dying grandmother.

That attempt cost the Giwa’s their other two children. Now all three of their kids are in foster care living apart in different homes.

This case has gotten the attention of the Consulate General of Nigeria.

“The children should be given back to their parents because they are loving they are caring they are capable willing and able to take care of their children,” said Ambassador Geoffrey Teneilabe.

In court, attorneys for CPS and the little boy said things were on track for the Giwa’s to get all three of their kids back but not now since those attorneys say the couple is openly defying court orders.

Just for talking to FOX 26, social media posts, and starting a GoFundMe account in their son’s name, the judge ordered the couple to pay $5000 in sanctions.

“It’s like the court is saying to them, and CPS is saying to them, 'who do you think you are? You don’t challenge us, you don’t speak out against us',” Quanell X said.    

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