Sexual orientation comment has District Attorney under fire from opponent

- It's a tight race for many local political campaigns in the Houston area especially that of Harris County District Attorney -- a comment made by one of the candidates has the other feeling personally targeted.

"Devon Anderson has known my family for over 20 years and it shocked me that she was desperate enough to go this low in public," says Harris County District Attorney candidate Kim Ogg in reaction to the comment made by her opponent, the imcumbent Devon Anderson.

When asked about activists using several high-profile court case mishaps as reason for voters not to choose Anderson in 2016, she said the following in an interview with The American Chronicles on Oct. 18 :

We filed over 116,000 cases last year...they have a problem with me on one, maybe two cases, when they get a liberal, pro-choice, lesbian District Attorney, I wonder how many cases they'll have problems with with her." (full interview: click here)

In a new University of Houston poll, Ogg was shown as leading Anderson in the race. Ogg says she believes, "Ms. Anderson is stooping to new lows, trying to appeal to those who would vote on terms of bigotry and hatred instead of issues."

Anderson's campaign representatives say the comment was not an attack and that everything stated about Ogg was fact. Campaign spokesman Allen Blakemore accuses Ogg of overreacting, saying, "if you call me a white male and I take offense to that, that's pretty silly on my part."

Blakemore claims Anderson has never taken a stance on LGBTQ issues and that "her position as district attorney doesn't actually involve those issues."

While Ogg contends the comment demonstrates an aspect of Anderson that makes her unfit for the job, Blakemore encourages voters to review the full interview before casting an opinion.

"People who judge a 30-minute interview by a 15-second clip have made their decision before they listen to it," says Blakemore.

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