Infamous serial rapist being considered for parole

- Here's what Gary Wayne Sheppard looked like in 1992.

"This was an insidious despicable horrific sexual predator," said crime victims advocate Andy Kahan.

After his arrest in 1992 cops showed the media what they confiscated from Sheppard like bags full of lingerie.

"Having women that he did sexually assault put on lingerie and all sorts of various outfits before he went on to sexually assault them," Kahan said.

In addition to binoculars gloves handcuffs rope knifes and a gun police confiscated a diary Sheppard was keeping on victims and potential ones.

Police say he had their pictures addresses and phone numbers.

Cops say they also found a book of newspaper articles Sheppard was keeping of well-known Houston women.

"It was a virtual who's who that he was keeping kind of tabs on and track on," Kahan said. "Luckily he was stopped before he continued his sexual assaults."

And Kahan says he'll do all he can to stop Sheppard from getting paroled.

He's serving a life sentence but with 25 years under his belt Sheppard is now being considered for parole.

Kahan says Sheppard has racked up 44 minor violations and 11 major violations as an inmate.

"Logically you can conclude if he can't behave in prison what on earth makes you think he's going to behave on the outside," Kahan said.

Due to a change in state law last year the parole board can now wait 10 years to consider Sheppard again for parole if they deny him this time.

Kahan plans to ask the parole board to do just that.

"Look what he did to his victims look what he was going to do to his intended victims," Kahan said. "He needs to be locked up for his entire life sentence."

To participate in sending a protest letter, send an e-mail or fax
Fax # (512) 452-0825
E-Mail to
Subject Line: Protest Letter
Re: Gary Wayne Sheppard, TDCJ-ID # 00632527

To send a protest letter, send to:
Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles
c/o Ms Angela McCown, Director
TDCJ-Victim Services
P.O. Box 13401
Austin, TX 7871
Re: Gary Wayne Sheppard, TDCJ-ID # 006325271

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