Hundreds protested outside of GOP debate at U of H

- Young and old alike took the back drop of the GOP debate to let their opinions be known.

"One of the candidates is not representing diversity, is not representing Houston, is not representing us as students, not representing us as a country," said protester Carla Gonzalez.

Protesters had a laundry list of issues. Everything from gun contro,l to raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.

"I'm fighting for 15 and the union trying to make a better way for my family so I don't have to struggle like I do," said protester Janice Talton.

The biggest target? Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"The language as he takes the stage is not presidential," said protester Lisa Blinn.

"It makes us unsafe because it brings our enemies out against us and it is decisive in a way that we have not seen since the late 1800's.

"He's being brash and he's saying things that are very irresponsible," said protester Neiman Catley.

Scores of police officers kept a watchful eye on the protesters who were loud but not violent.

No protesters were arrested, that we know of, but police and secret service agents took a man into custody who drove through a barricade at around the time the debate began.

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