Hundreds of ACT exams lost then found

Once high school seniors take a college entrance examination, like the ACT, all they want is to get their scores back as quickly as possible. Student Brian Parrish took the test on Sept. 23 and is still waiting to learn how he fared.
"I had been waiting for a month to get my scores back and finally, we got an email that says the carrier lost mine along with 200 other scores that were just lost, they didn't know where they went and they just kind of disappeared is what it sounded like," says Brian.
ACT officials confirmed that two boxes containing roughly 200 exams were lost in transit. When Parrish received the letter, he learned that he would have just a few days to study before the retake, a hard thing for someone involved in extracurricular activities like football at Cinco Ranch High School.
"I get out of school at 2:35 and practice until 6, so basically I would have no time to just get my homework done," says Brian. His parents were upset that he was not given enough time to prepare.
"It was a Wednesday that they notified us by email and that Saturday was the next day they were supposed to test, so it only gave them three days really to prepare or to change their schedule so that they could be present at that testing time," says Brian's mother Maureen.
"It's a big stress for the kids to do that, they are doing a lot of studying a lot of prep work that they do and then it's often gone and then in two days you are supposed to rekindle and get going again and I think that's unfair," said Brian's father John.
ACT sent the following statement to FOX 26 News:

The two missing packages were eventually located, arriving at ACT on November 1. Impacted students were quickly notified. ACT is in the process of scoring the tests and will make scores available to students as quickly as possible. Impacted students will still receive a refund of their September registration fee, as well as the free retest. ACT sincerely regrets that students were impacted by this situation.

The Parrish family say they did receive an email stating those things, but that the most irritating thing is that Brian still hasn't received his scores. He says he is now just two points away from being automatically accepted into Texas A & M University. his dream school.

"I'm happy they found my test, I mean I'm happy about that and now, I just have to wait and hope I get into the colleges I've applied to," says Brian.

The Parrish family say they know another family that this has happened to in the past as well. ACT officials say that this is not a common occurrence, but that it does happen and that eventually the packages are almost always found and returned to the grading centers.
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