HPD husband and wife overcome tough times after Hurricane Harvey, they are Heroes of Harvey


An HPD couple, both a powerful team on Houston's police force are used to helping others in need. The tables were turned after Hurricane Harvey swamped our city.


Now E.J. and Yolanda West and their family are overcoming the tough times.   E.J. and Yolanda West have been co-workers for more than 20 years. And, 6 months after Harvey, they've still been living in a travel trailer parked in their driveway. 


More than 2 feet of water invaded their 4-bedroom home when their neighborhood flooded after Harvey passed through Houston, making it a frightening time for this household. “I was so scared and I never thought this could happen to us," said their son.


It was mom's job to keep her sons grounded and encouraged through a rough time in their lives.  “School was about to start, so that was the hard part for me, just trying to protect them and keeping them encouraged.” Yolanda and EJ were ready to protect more than family. EJ brought his parents here, and started getting calls from friends and neighbors who all found a safe place upstairs on the second floor of their home.


After a couple of days upstairs, everyone moved out to stay with friends and relatives who had not been flooded. But with a flooded home and no transportation because of flooded cars, they were forced to stay home from work for several weeks. "The whole bottom floor was just ruined." 


 Months after the flooding, with the help of friends and neighbors, EJ is using his construction skills to cut down on costs. But he takes it in stride, remembering what Yolanda requested just weeks before Harvey's arrival.  A big surprise from our partners at Walmart and Exclusive Furniture  was surely something this couple didn't ask for, but they received it joyfully.


"You can buy anything--furniture that you have lost during Harvey. Thank you for your services. And we appreciate you doing all that you can," said Exclusive Furniture representatives. 


"I'm just overwhelmed right now." EJ said in tears.



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