How to work with your Home Owners Association

- Sometimes big misunderstandings develop from small problems. That's certainly the case with one Home Owners Association and a homeowner. 

Homeowner Moe Sone said the siding on the side of her home had that black mildew so common in Houston. 

The home owners association sent them a notice to clean it. So they did…at least they thought they did. But the mildew persisted, prompting the HOA to send more notices.

Since the Sones believed they had taken care of the problem they didn't respond to the notices.  Then they got a letter from the HOA's attorney informing them they owed $420 for violating deed restrictions.

Frustrated they emailed the HOA and the Attorneys but that didn't get the problem solved. They Took it to Akin.

A spokesperson for the HOA said they had never spoken with the Sones and would call the couple. The HOA then agreed to waive the fees.  And the Sones agreed to give the siding another pressure wash.

The management company for the Home Owners association says they're glad the problems was resolved but want to remind homeowners that the worst thing you can do is  throw away or ignore correspondence from the HOA. 


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