Houstonians worry loved ones will have trouble re-entering U.S.

- The volunteer lawyers set up in Terminal E at IAH  didn't have to wait for long to help someone. Omidi Gholam is worried his green card holding mother-in-law will have trouble returning from Iran.

"Sure. Yeah. That's why I'm here seeking legal advice. Is she returning today? No, Thursday,"  said Omidi Gholam.

A lot of people who are from the seven banned countries are worried about loved ones returning. Some green card holders have been detained, and there is plenty of confusion about how this is going to turn out.

Immigration attorney Gordon Quan says his office has been bombarded with frantic calls from those seeking green cards. They have more questions than he has answers at this point. He does tell those who have green cards and are from the blocked countries to sit tight.

"I think those people from those countries had better stay home and stay in the U.S. at this point in time and wait to see what the rules evolve to be," Quan said.

The ban took many immigrants by complete surprise, like  Dr. Mike Nayebpour who is here to meet his wife returning from Iran.

"I understand security. We have to do everything we can to keep this country safe," Dr. Nayebpour said.

But he says the rules change came without warning. He also wonders how the president drew up the list of banned countries.

"People from those seven countries never, ever committed any terror acts in this country. None. More than ninety percent of Iranians are pro-western, pro American. "

His wife made it through just fine. She too is a U.S. citizen. But he worries about his mother-in-law who has a green card but is still in her native land.

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