Houstonians rallying against the crackdown on immigration reform

- Some Houstonians are coming together speaking out against the immigration crackdown, and the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice isn’t just voicing disapproval of the President’s policies on immigration.  The group is taking action and asking others to do the same. 

“People need to be aware, contact their congress people.  They need to protest.  They need to do whatever is necessary so that America remains America.  This is going to cost extensive violations of the fourth amendment to the constitution.  The fourth amendment says there shall be no unreasonable searches and seizures,” says Randall Kallinen, who’s coming together with the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice to try to stop tougher immigration laws.

As the president moves forward with "making America great again" some say stringent immigration reform isn’t the way to do it. 

“I am so frustrated and concerned about families being separated, mothers from their children.  What is happening in the America I know?” asks Helen Cavazos, who’s rallying against immigration reform.

”What this means essentially is we will be a hunted group of people reminiscent of Nazi Germany,” says Agustine Pinedo with LULAC.

“Write letters, testify, go to Austin and tell them enough is enough,” adds Johnny Mata with the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice.

”Stand with your brothers and sisters whether they look like you or not.  If this is going to be my country 'tis of the sweet land of liberty it should be for everybody because everybody helped build it,” says Cynthia Cole Executive Director of American Federation of State County Municipal Employees. 

”He’s the first president in a long time who has taken our immigration laws seriously,” says former head of the Harris County Republican Party Jared Woodfill.  Woodfill says for too long the U.S. has sent the wrong message to those entering the country illegally.  “We say to the 11 million people who are here illegally ‘It’s ok.  We’re going to forget it.  We’re going to ignore it.’  It’s a bad situation, but now we have a president who’s working to remedy it.”  

Woodfill says tighter immigration is a matter of national safety.  “If you’re arrested we are now going to coordinate with ICE to determine whether you’re here legally or illegally”.

”This appears to be, really, an unnecessary intrusion,” says one man rallying with the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice.

“The current administration is going against what the founding fathers had in mind for the freedoms of the United States of America,” adds Kallinen.

The new Department of Homeland Security guidelines do not affect the so-called Dreamer's, the immigrants who entered the U.S. as children who are protected by DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

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