'Firing' off opinions about gun control executive order

- Will President Obama's tighter gun laws really help curb violence? FOX 26 News met with Houston-area residents who are 'firing' off opinions of their own.              

"I just think the President is trying to be more proactive."

"It's ridiculous. I can't believe anyone thinks this will help."            

Some people have guns for sport, others for protection. It's the people who use guns for violence that President Obama says he's trying to stop by tightening background requirements. Will it help or will the bad guys get guns somehow?  

"I guess we'll have to see when the results come out, but at least right now, he's trying to see if it does work and if it does good -- if it doesn't, at least he tried something," says Houston resident Gabriel Okeke.
At the Athena Gun Club in west Houston, everyone seems to be 'armed' with an opinion of the Presidential executive order to tighten gun control.

"I would like the executive order to be used for what it was originally designed for, the act of war and no executive order should be used by any President for anything except that," explains Houston resident Bill Connelly. "Congress should make all the laws in the land." But what if the president's move actually does save lives?

"The executive order I don't agree with, even if it saves lives," adds Connelly. He also says he hopes the next Commander-in-Chief will immediately erase President Obama's gun control changes.

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