Houston women witness Ft. Lauderdale shooting

It's something no mother ever wants to get.

"She sent us a message, we have a group message for our family, saying I'm at the airport where there is an active shooter", says Donna Morrow.


Morrow says her daughter Rachel went to Cinco Ranch High School and was in Fort Lauderdale with her college swim team. The group had flown into the airport from the Florida Keys and were on their way to Omaha, Nebraska, when the shooting broke out.


"While she was talking for us they screamed for everybody to run, there was another shooter, no confirmation of another shooter and so she and ABOUT 14 of her other teammates went to a restroom on the second level of terminal two which is where this occurred and hid in the stall", says Morrow.


"It's a scary situation when you don't know where bullets are coming from, you don't even know where to run, you don't even know what to do", says De'Neshia Bell.


Bell was inside the airport at the time of the shooting. She works for Houston Style Magazine and was preparing to fly out to Cuba when she heard gunfire break out.


"All of the sudden it was like military shots, and a sea of people started running towards me. They started running toward me and i got trampled, so i pushed my body close under the seats and just laid on the ground and everyone was trampling on each other. I closed my eyes, then opened them, a lot of people were outside. I was afraid to get up, but I got up anyway and ran out to the Tarmac", says Bell.


"This is very disturbing and especially after 9/11 it should not happen in the United States", says Hanan Yadin who is president and CEO of ISI Training Center.


Yardin says that if you plan on traveling you just be aware of your surroundings.



He says, "look around, look for suspicious people, look for suspicious activity, look for suspicious objects and report it immediately to the authorities".


For information on which flights have been cancelled or delayed, click here.


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