Man accused of abduction and attempted abduction arrested

- UPDATE: Harris County Sheriff's Office says they have made an arrest in the case.

The suspect is charged in connection with last weekend's kidnapping and attempted kidnapping. HCSO tweeted that the suspect also faces sexual assault charges in Montgomery County.


A Houston woman was abducted on Saturday.  Today she’s telling her story and hoping you will pay close attention to the video that shows the abduction unfolding.  It happened in North Harris County where the man actually tried to take two women just a matter of minutes apart.   

It was on North Bend Drive.  A woman out for a morning bike ride was forced into a man's car. Moments earlier and just down this street, the man tried to take another woman. The lady forced into the car says she not only wants you to hear her story, she wants you to tell your children and every person you know that a determined, violent kidnapper is on the loose.

There is very clear video of the kidnapper caught on a resident’s home surveillance camera.  At one point, the car comes to a stop sign and the passenger door flies open as the abducted woman inside tries to escape. The kidnapper rolls right through the stop sign trying not to slow down enough so she can jump.

"And I see his face was mad, really like he’s angry,” explains the victim.

This was around 10:45 a.m. on Saturday.  Luz was out riding the bike her daughter gave her for Christmas in the North Harris County neighborhood where she’s lived for 25 years. The next thing she knew, a man grabbed her arm, yanked her from her bike and was forcing her into his car.

"He’s strong and I don’t know.  In the moment I didn’t know what to do,” Luz cries as she explains what happened to her.  She offered the man her expensive bike.  “He said no I don’t want your bicycle and bad word. I want you".

The 56-year-old grandmother says she begged for her life. “Please, please don’t kill me.  Please, please.  What do you want?  Don’t kill me.  Don’t do anything to me. You have a mother.  Please I trust in God, don’t do nothing to me.  He said 'shut up, shut up'."

There’s video of the kidnapper speeding away with Luz inside.  He's driving a gray 4-door Toyota with hubcaps on the right side that don’t match and there's damage to the front passenger side. Luz then saw people outside at a garage sale.  As her abductor sped up, she announced,  "I’m going to jump from the car. And he said 'do it, do it', you know mad and I jumped.” Luz says her abductor was taunting her before she jumped. She could hear the engine revving, see his foot pressing harder on the accelerator and feel the car speeding up but she jumped from the moving car anyway. 

Her body hit the pavement, ripping off skin as she rolled down the road, blacking her eye and breaking her cheekbone as her face slammed into the street. Then she blacked out.

"My heart just broke.  My mom is everything to me.  So thinking of someone hurting my mom and her having to fight for her life it breaks my heart,” says Luz’s daughter Katherine.  

Turns out Luz wasn’t the man’s first victim Saturday there on North Bend Drive.  Just five blocks over on North Vista Drive the man tried abducting a woman who was out for a walk.  She fought him off and ran.

"I want him caught now. I don’t want him to do this again, ever,” says Katherine.  

Meantime, Luz says she is grateful to be alive.  "I’m happy.  I’m happy because I don’t want to die now. I need to enjoy my life.”  She says can’t sleep now and feels like she won’t have peace until this man is caught. 

“That guy could be just very well driving around here in Houston looking for his next victim,” says Katherine.     

 Luz says her abductor was 18 to 25 years old with light skin, taller than her, regular build, perhaps 180 pounds with a round face. The gray Toyota is believed to be a Camry with tinted windows.

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