Houston team witnesses basketball brawl

- A basketball game ended in a violent clash between players and referees. The chaos was all caught on camera.

It all happened on Sunday in Emerson, Georgia, during an AAU game between Chicago RAW Athletics and the Houston Raptors.  Raptors head coach Bobby Benjamin says his boys were not involved in the brawl.

"None of our guys were hurt. None of them participated in any of that. We didn’t push anybody; they didn’t push us. Outside of just playing the sport, we had nothing to do with that," he told FOX 26.

Benjamin says emotions were high through the game and he even called a time out to talk to the team about leaving safely if things got out of hand.

The coach believes the brawl began when a player of the opposing team pushed and then punched the referee. He says the referees did appear to fight back to defend themselves but they were outnumbered.

Benjamin says above all he’s proud of how his boys, ages 15 through 17, kept their cool amid the fiery confrontation.

"We are more than a basketball organization. We teach our kids how to prepare for on and off the court situations and that’s why if you look [at the video] you won’t see any purple uniforms in that at all," he concluded.

"I want [people] to know Houston Raptors didn’t have anything to do with something dumb like this," said Bobby Benjamin, Jr, a player and the coach's son.

FOX 26 is waiting to hear back from the Emerson Police Department in Georgia for an update on the investigation. We are still waiting to hear back. 

Coach Benjamin says the team is trying to shake this off and focus on their next game happening this Friday in Houston.

The Houston Raptors does rely heavily on donations for their travel expenses. If you would like to help the organization, visit www.houstonaliefraptors.org or call 713-584-7527.

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