Houston reacts to NFL protest debate

- In Professor Lindita Camaj's opinion writing class at UH there's no shortage of  opinions about the protests. Most of them back the players and not the President and his supporters.

“If they were equally upset with the protesters who were carrying Nazi flags and confederate flags then I would respect their opinions. Instead they are speaking out on this which is much more peaceful. I can't agree with them,” said one student.

But some student were able to see the other side -- not everyone wants politics mixed in with their sports. “I came in to sports to get away from all that and here it is on my TV again. I don't have a getaway from that. It's not going to be my safe place,” said another.

No shock college students might be a little out of step with the national mood.  Recent polls show that the protests are causing a lot of people to stop watching pro football and a Quinnipiac Poll from 2016 showed that only 38 percent of American approved of the protests. But that was before Trump tweeted his way into the fray  and called the protesting players S-O-B's and demand they be fired. His tweets set social media on fire and caused more players to take a knee. NFL coaches also rallied against the president.  A Cato Institute poll shows that the majority of Americans don't want the players fired. Critics say with the all that's going on with the Health Care Bill and escalating tensions with North Korea, this is a distraction.

But not Sergeant Major James Williams. He fought for four years in Korea and four more in Vietnam.

"People never know the value of  'God Bless America.' You are blessed to be in America that has the right, the freedom do do anything or any type of protest you want to do. Because this country is the only country in the world that gives us the advantage and the respect to fulfill those obligations," Williams said.

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