Houston prepares for new open carry law

- It's not just New Year's Eve. It's Open Carry Eve here in Texas and a lot of people are anxious about how open carry will change things.

Holster sales are up, but gun dealers say so much driving the firearms business right now, it's really hard to predict if it's because people want to be able show off their firearm.

"This is one of the busiest months we've ever had at Top Gun," says Reese Williams, General Manager at Top Gun Range.

Williams says sales are higher around the country because of the political climate, concerns over terrorism, and possible gun legislation. The start of open carry, he believes, has relatively minor impact.

"I would say compared to the other reasons ,its not pushing gun sales as much," Williams says.

But are customers buying all the holsters planning on taking advantage of the new open carry law?

"It's almost a 50/50 thing," says Daniel Louis Plum, a sales associate at Full Armor Firearms. "Half of them are, I don't want to say against it, but they just they aren't going to. It's not appealing to them. However, the other half wants to."

Full Armor Firearms also reports a big surge in business, but what's happening in Texas right now is a run on getting a License to Carry, an LTC. It won't be called a CHL, or Concealed Handgun License anymore.

"Over the past few weeks, we've had just about every class full," Plum says, "and we offer them every day."
"LTC training has picked up," Williams concurs. "This month we've booked every single class that we've had to capacity. Overbooking. The next available class is January 16th."

Very little has change in the new LTC class, Williams says. There is a new section on the legal responsibilities of open carry, but there's no additional tactical training on how to pull a gun out of a holster and shoot.

And when they're asked, Top Gun actually advises people against open carry in an urban environment, but they are stressing responsible behavior no matter what license holders choose.

"Whether you're carrying a gun openly or concealed, the main thing is training, and mind set, and being able to deescalate conflict," Williams says. "Act in a responsible way all the time."

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