Houston mayor and HPD to unveil campaign to keep bicyclists safe

- FOX 26 News has learned Houston's Mayor and top cop will soon unveil a plan to save lives on the road.

That plan involves the Houston Police Department and calls for greater enforcement by HPD officers when it comes to bicycle traffic. 

Officers will enforce the 3-foot rule—meaning motorist should stay at least three feet away from cyclists on the road. There will also be a bike radar unit that officers will mount on their bikes to measure the distance between cyclists and cars.  Officers will also be directed to issue citations to those who break the distance rule.

Advocates for cyclist in Houston says it's needed in a generation where people pay attention to their phones more than the road.

"Inattentive drivers are so dangerous. If you're driving, you're driving a huge machine pay attention.  Don't drink, don't use your cell phone. Really be present in what you're doing," says Mary Blitzer from Bike Houston.

We've learned this new campaign will be announced in a matter of weeks. A spokesperson for HPD confirms the plan but declined to release any new details.

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