Houston man's crime spree begs the question, "What was he thinking?"

- This is the Harris County Toll Road Authority’s incident command center.

“On the roadway we have approximately a little over 300 cameras that we use to monitor the traffic on the system,” said Calvin Harvey Deputy Administrator of Incident Management.

The tollway has an additional 400 cameras in facilities and toll booths. We all know cameras are there to catch people who don’t pay the toll. So you would think most people would never pull a gun and rob a toll booth collector.

But law officers say 36-year-old Cleveland Quinn Hill isn’t most people.

So how many armed robberies have happened at toll booths here in the last 3 years?

“There’s only been three in the last 3 years,” Harvey said. “Two of them recently occurred over the holiday break.”

Hill can be seen on New Year’s Eve police say driving westbound on the Sam Houston Tollway at 4:28 in the afternoon. Law officers say he drives off with a little over 200 bucks.

“Roughly 24 hours later he did the same thing,” Harvey said.

This time cops say he was going eastbound on the Sam Houston Tollway. He drove a different car but that’s not fooling anybody. According to law officers he got a little bit more than 200 bucks again.
Now he’s facing two aggravated robbery charges.

If nothing else authorities say Hill has proven why trying to rob a toll booth collector is an asinine thing to do.

“Trying to commit a crime at a governmental office is pretty stupid and it’s risky,” said Harvey. “The government has resources more so than a convenience store to apprehend and follow up on that type of investigation.” 

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