Houston man creates device that zips your dress for you

- If you've ever worn a dress, chances are you've had this problem.  You needed someone else to zip you up. 

“My mom used to wake me up every single morning asking me ‘Hey son can you help me zip it up?’  With this being an issue for my mom I can only imagine it being an issue for other women in the world,” explains Langley Garner.

So Langley Garner turned his mom's bothersome beckoning into a business. He created Zipa Jewels, a contraption that allows you to zip your dress yourself. 

“You clip it on to your zipper, pull upwards, all the way up.  It zips for you. Unclip it. Clip it on to your purse and you're ready to go,” says Garner.  That's right, the device that zips your dress doubles as a purse accessory.

“I actually designed this myself. It was a 3D file that I 3D printed.  These are final production 3D models that you're seeing.  This is actually polycarbonate ABS.  It's impact resistant.”

Garner has been perfecting his product for some time.  “The first model I came up with was really ugly.  It was long.  It looked like a long back scratcher and I absolutely hated it,” says Garner.

Now he loves Zipa Jewels, which are manufactured right here in the U.S. and he hopes you will too. 

“For the pre-orders we're offering them for $40. The actual retail price will be $50 but that's nothing compared to what you'd be saving everyday getting dressed in the morning,” smiles Garner.

How can you place your order?  Go to www.zipanything.com or https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zipanything/zipa-jewels-beautiful-gems-that-zip-your-dress .

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