Homes damaged in West Harris County following flood

- One of the communities that was hardest hit by today's flood is Bear Creek Village in West Harris County. The water almost reached the same water line that was left behind by last year's Tax Day Flood. 

Some homes received minimal water damage, while others had about six inches of water inside. Residents here are concerned since they say their neighborhood isn't considered a flood zone, and that last year's Tax Day Flood caused many to move and rent out the homes here. Now they are left with a mess to clean and insurance claims to file. 

Taylor Gibson is one of those renting a home, she just moved in four months ago. She knew about the risk of the flooding in the area, but was very fond of the neighborhood. "We knew it was a high-risk but we were like it's gonna be that one time it was only that one time. Come to find out of course it's not it floods often they said."

We're told by the residents that Harris County officials were out there earlier this morning to assess the damage done to the homes.

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