Homeowners association agrees to euthanize ducks

- A heated debate came to an end for a northwest Houston community -- Woodwind Lakes has decided to euthanize some of the ducks that have over populated the area. Some people have felt that the ducks have become a nuisance to the community, but others were hoping the neighborhood would vote against the decision.

"All they do is breed, and breed, and breed," said Woodwind Lakes resident Michael Sorrentino. "The ducks are breeding in my yard, they're eating my plants, and they're roosting on people's houses and standing on their cars." And Sorrentino isn't the only one who felt the ducks are a problem in the community.

"We spent $3,000 dollars on our landscaping a few years ago for me to go out in the front yard to find ducks that are going all through it," said Woodwind Lakes resident Hank William.

The Woodwind Lakes home owners association met on Wednesday with residents to vote on the issue. The final decision was made, and the association said there will be traps put around the lake in March, where many of the ducks caught will be euthanized. Some residents argue that this will cost a hefty amount of money, and may not even fix the problem.

"If we get rid of these ducks, they're going to find this water and they're going to come right back," said Woodwind Lakes resident Courtney Khovanec. "So it's going to be a waste of our money."

The residents said that it will cost the community $13,000 dollars to euthanize the ducks.

"They're going to pay 99 bucks per duck and I say for ninety-nine cents, I could shoot 'em," said Williams. "I don't agree with paying that kind of money, but we have too many ducks, that's a fact."

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