Homeowner battles HOA over green light bulbs

- Mario Rodriguez is an army veteran.

“Retired from the military back in 1997,” Rodriguez said. “I’ve worked for the federal government since then.”

The lights on his garage have green light bulbs and Rodriguez says there’s a reason for that. He says he’s taking part in the light up a vet program, a nationwide effort Walmart started last Veteran’s Day.

“It was just a way to identify and salute the veterans pretty much,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez received two letters this month from Crest Management Company an agent for his HOA, Park Lakes Property Owners Association.

They both tell him to remove his green light bulbs, because colored light bulbs are against HOA rules.

“These light bulbs have been there since October,” Rodriguez said. “Their inspections weekly never caught it, all of a sudden it’s a problem.”

This isn’t Rodriguez’s first run in with his HOA. He says he challenged the association a little over a year ago over his American flag. He says he was initially told flags were not allowed on lake front lots.

“I involved local media and somehow it miraculously got approved,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says he thinks this latest brouhaha over the light bulbs is retaliation for his prior bout with the HOA.
But that’s a claim the HOA’s management company vehemently denies.

“If we’re going to nit-pick for lack of a better word let’s be thorough and across the board,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez isn’t the only homeowner in Park Lakes with green light bulbs.

“No letter, no nothing. Nobody’s told me anything,” said Rodriguez’s neighbor Joel Duran who says he’s had green light bulbs up since last November.

So just how far is Rodriguez willing to fight the HOA to keep the green light bulbs?

“Whatever it takes,” Rodriguez replied.

Crest Management Company, the agent for Rodriguez’s HOA sent Fox 26 this statement:

“Mr. Rodriguez received a letter because colored lights are against the rules of the association.
He was not singled for the letter but his light was noticed on inspection.
We try to enforce the rules fairly and consistently.
We are unaware of any significance of green lights and support of veterans.”

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